Procedural Generation

Never run the same track twice. Procedurally generated as you run! Practice is all you have! No pattern memorization! Always a challenge!

Constantly Evolving

Game speed increases as your gain more points, so those bonuses give you higher scores, but also increase the speed!

Global High Score System

Compete against players on all platforms from all around the world with our Global High Score System, coming soon to the website!

We're press friendly!

Are you a media outlet? Contact us for a press copy of the game! We're always encouraging reviews and gameplay videos! Request a copy on distribute()!


Multi-platform games are the best, you can continue to enjoy them no matter where you go! We are releasing on Wii U as our first console release of many! Each platform will have it's own special traits so that you aren't playing the same game over and over again. Make sure to look for the small details in each platform!

DRM Free

We will never put DRM on Infinity Runner's files, where possible. We'd really appreciate it if you bought it, but we can't stop you from giving it out.

Wii U Exclusive Features

Console Specific Leaderboards, 1st and 3rd person cameras. 1st on the Wii U GamePad, 3rd on the TV. As well as special unlocks and boosts!

Cross Buy Supported!

Buy Infinity Runner on Wii U
Then Tweet @Infinity_Runner a screenshot of you with the Wii U version
and we'll send you a copy for PC!